SASMEF set to join the International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

icsb-logo-grey-2The SASMEF Board met for their half yearly meeting on 18 October in Cape Town. Beyond a number of exciting matters on the agenda they were also joined by luminaries in the field of good governance and innovation namely Partner in the Corporate Practice at Webber Wentzel, Adam Ismail, and Conrad Sidego who most recently was the Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch and a highly recognised leader in the use of innovation to build a truly inclusive society. Both shared in depth insights with the board as they continue to draw in leading South Africans in the implementation of the SASMEF Parthenon.

SASMEF Parthenon

The Board was also asked to pass a resolution to join the prestigious and influential International Council for Small Business (ICSB). This stems from a series of meetings in Washington DC between the leadership of the ICBS and SASMEF CEO Carl Lotter. The resolution was passed by the SASMEF Board which once the application is finalised will make SASMEF the Southern African Affiliate of the ICBS. This is only the second African Affiliate with Egypt holding membership through the Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Founded in 1955, the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is the world’s largest international SME organisation dedicated to advancing small business and entrepreneurship. They coordinate and integrate programmes and information among 2,000+ members in 70 countries.

The Council was founded on the belief that enlightened small business management is necessary for successful and profitable small business; that successful small business is essential to our national economies; and that entrepreneurship needs to be fostered to stimulate a dynamic and growing economic system.

Other news coming out of the board meeting included the announcement of Francois Baird, the former Africa chairman at Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, and founder of Washington based consultancy and investment firm Baird’s US will be a mandated  SASMEF Ambassador and Advisor to Washington DC with a focus on interaction with the ICBS and other economic development agencies, giving SASMEF a voice in the US Capital City.

Also on the international front, the UK branch of venture capital firm Caban Investments, represented on the SASMEF board by thier Group CEO Dave Romero (also SASMEF Treasurer) and CMO Dylan James (also SASMEF Communications) have been selected as as one of 15 firms to join the London VC Club as founding members. The prestigious London VC Club launched October 2016 was created to facilitate introductions to London’s leading investors allowing startups and scale-ups to grow more quickly and is a not-for-profit public-private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London. This is a major coup and will only enhance the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem

ruben-richards-book-coverThe SASMEF Board is comprised of a group of passionate and dedicated individuals that cover multi-disciplines. We are proud to announce that our chairman and accomplished author, Dr Ruben Richards, book entitled ‘Bullets or Ballots – the ultimate solution to crime and unemployment in South Africa’ (published 2010) has been included in the MBA curriculum of the Neely Business School attached to the Texas Christian University, USA. Dr Richards is the former Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Violations Committee of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the former  Deputy Director-General of the Scorpions and recently a visiting adjunct professor at Wits University’s Graduate School of Public and Development Management.  Dr Richards has come a long way since his early days as a fitter and turner tradesman in Cape Town. These are phenomenal achievements and we are very proud to have him as our Chairperson.  He has recently published a book on the work that his Foundation does in marginalised communities namely “Gangsterism and Economic Reconciliation – a case study in peace building through industrial consciousness” (published 2015). These books are available through SASMEF and the author.

What The CEO of SASMEF says about the Gangsterism and Economic Reconciliation book:

This book is timely at many levels. It gives tangible insight into what is intended by a cross -section of the sustainable developmental goals adopted by the United Nations. It reminds us to place people at the center of our discourse. This book speaks profoundly into the South African context with its many decades of exclusion, alienation, social pathology with increasing levels of inequality.  If South Africa is to rise from low growth and joblessness, then that growth will have to start in our communities, among the most impoverished and excluded who are the majority of South Africans. Dr. Richards is to be commended for this book and for placing the economic lens clearly on those who need it most, the gangsters.


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