Letter from the SASMEF CEO

Dear SME Supporters, Friends and Colleagues.

You have followed the pursuit of an enabling environment for SME in South Africa. This will build sustainable SME’s. In this way South Africa will break the mould of low growth, stunted job creation, increased poverty and inequality.

Carl J LotterThere are 600,000 SME in South Africa. SME contacts have followed me on social media, waiting to confirm membership of the SME movement called South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation also known as SASMEF.

Now is the time for membership to strengthen the VOICE of SME and to unpack those BIG issues with government and big business that will enable the environment for the inclusion of the VOICE and participation of SME. This is what is called an inclusive economy.

What are those big issues? They are the policies of both government and business which shape and determine the practical issues of money and markets.

We are therefore calling on SME in South Africa to join SASMEF, the voice of SME.

You can start the process of joining SASMEF by either visit www.sasmef.org.za or by dialing *120*1449*901# and providing your details.

I look forward to welcoming you.



Carl J Lotter

You can contact Carl directly via carl@sasmef.org.za; Mobile 072 881 7900; Landline 021 850 0780.

About The Author

Carl J Lotter is the CEO of the South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation

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