SASMEF doubles its efforts to promote SME unity

The Board of Directors of national private sector organisation the South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation (SASMEF), founded in 2012, have just concluded their quarterly board meeting with a renewed commitment to ensure that the SME sector is taken seriously by government. To achieve this SASMEF will double its efforts in promoting unity within the SME sector.

A critical challenge facing both the SME sector and government is consensus. Government wants to talk to a united voice and the sector, albeit fragmented at present, wants to be taken seriously.

After extensive discussion by the Directors and with the benefit of further consultation with members of the SME Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, the board has renewed its commitment to facilitate the emergence of a united voice within the SME sector. The fragmentation in the sector is well known and understandable.

The creation of a standalone Ministry to coordinate and drive the SME agenda in the economy is undoubtedly a welcome development even though it is taking a long time for the Department to get out of the starting blocks. The positive development is that the Ministry is asking to engage with a “unified” voice so that the department can shape appropriate policy and develop appropriate regulation that will advance the work of SME development.

It is this unifying role that SASMEF will begin to play more vigorously in the sector. Therefore, in the immediate future SASMEF will be facilitating a series of consultations which are designed to create a ONE AGENDA – unified voice – for SME. All relevant stakeholders in the economic development practitioner’s space are invited to participate, including big business, academic, government and SME business owners and entrepreneurs.

SASMEF will play an intermediary role and all interested parties need to ready themselves to join hands and collectively create ONE SME VOICE with whom all stakeholders can engage.

Founded in 2012, the South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation (SASMEF) is a national private social enterprise that unlocks resources from the political and economic centres as a catalyst for the creation and development of sustainable SME’s.


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