SME’s are what SME’s are

SME’s are what SME’s are, like babies wet and windy and vulnerable… that is a fact. It is part of development.

But when infant mortality rises in a country, we do not focus on the infants only, by giving excessive medication training and mentorship. For babies will be babies – windy and wet and vulnerable.

Rather, when infant mortality rises, we treat the conditions in which the baby grew from cell to birth and to adolescents. – We treat the environment, abuse, alcoholism, poverty, access to health care, mother’s reproductive health, proper maternity care etc. and we call this building an enabling the environment or creating a healthy environment.

We need to create a healthy environment in which SME’s can develop. These are the Big Audacious Issues with which SASMEF wants to engage, deal and re-create – to create an enabling environment.

What are some of Big Audacious Issues? They are Markets, Money, Supply chains, policies, legislation, a well-equipped and functional SME department and so on. These are the core activity of SASMEF, the Big Audacious Issues.

This is not for “sissies” and if left unattended will only further embed the status quo – a unhealthy economic environment where only a few “strong ones” benefit.

Focusing all energy and resources on SME and overlooking the environment is short sighted and a sure way to waste good resources.

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